Apache Arrow

PyCon.DE Part 3: Connecting Python to Big Data Landscapes using Arrow and Parquet

At last year´s PyCon.DE, from October 25th till 27th, Blue Yonder held several interesting talks around Python. In case you missed out the event, we would like to share the best of our talks at the conference. While Python itself … Read More

Turbodbc and Apache Arrow

With the release of turbodbc 2.0.0, the popular ODBC module for Python provides built-in support for Apache Arrow, a universal data layer for fast column-oriented analytics. Head over to our guest post at the Apache Arrow blog to learn more … Read More

Apache Big Data

Blue Yonder at Apache Big Data Europe

At Blue Yonder, we make use of several Apache projects and actively contribute to three projects at the moment (Apache Aurora, Apache Arrow, and Apache Parquet) as project management committee (PMC) members and committers. The Apache Big Data Europe conference … Read More