Data Science

PyCon.DE Part 3: Connecting Python to Big Data Landscapes using Arrow and Parquet

At last year´s PyCon.DE, from October 25th till 27th, Blue Yonder held several interesting talks around Python. In case you missed out the event, we would like to share the best of our talks at the conference. While Python itself … Read More

PyCon.DE Part 2: The Snake in the Tar Pit – Complex Systems with Python

The Zen of Python motivates us to build software that is easy to maintain and to extend. In reality however, we often end up with systems that are quite the opposite: complex and hard to change. In part 2 of … Read More

A mechanical typewriter

Open text files in legacy Python

At a first glance, opening files in Python is easy. All you have to do is call the built-in function open() and then you start reading from the file. However, often the content to be read is text, not just … Read More

Blue Yonder at PyCon.DE 2017 and PyData Karlsruhe

  Blue Yonder uses Python throughout its technology stack. We are aware that we profit a lot from open source and it has been always our policy to give back to the community. We have open sourced libraries like turbodbc, sqlalchemy_exasol, Mesos … Read More

Data Science and DevOps: A Success Story

What is “Data Science”? There are many definitions of what data science is though some are not really serious: “Data science is statistics on a Mac. ” @bigdataborat Or this one, which is surprisingly to the point: “Data scientist (n.): Person … Read More

Apache Aurora

Scalable Data Science: Apache Aurora at Blue Yonder

As a cloud-based provider, we at Blue Yonder care about the full lifecycle of predictive applications. It is not enough to build, train and run machine learning models once. We have to continuously operate and maintain them in order to … Read More